Solo Multimedia is now TriLion Studios

TriLion Studios



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Solo Multimedia is now TriLion Studios!

TriLion’s roots go back to 2000 and a simple studio known as Solo Multimedia. As you might guess, one person ran the studio, our founder and creative director Brian White.

But over the last decade and a half Solo Multimedia stretched and grew exploring new fields and working with others. Pretty soon Solo Multimedia was a misnomer. In 2009 TriLion Studios was born.

TriLion is a creative team from across the country, but we’re rooted in the Midwest. We’re loyal to values like hard work, honesty and craftsmanship. At TriLion we offer a blend of top-notch professionalism and down to earth humanity. We’re good at design, but we are not snooty about it. We can design with the best of the them but at the end of the day we still vacuum our own offices.

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TriLion Studios