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Breakout KC


  • Color schematics
  • Creative strategy
  • Web design
  • Icon design & update
  • Content management system
  • Custom WordPress


Breakout KC escape rooms web site development and custom WordPress design

Matt one of the owners of Breakout is an incredible guy and we’ve always wanted to work with him.  When he approached us we basically said “yes” in our heads before he had a chance to finish asking us.   Working with Jordan their web guy was wonderful and he really helped us have a smooth design and build.  We got to see behind the scenes and how much thought and time goes into each escape room they design and build.  If you have a chance we highly recommend going with a group and having a blast!

Team Lab

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Jordan Scott

Web lead / Room Builder
Breakout Global

“Brian and his team were amazing to work with. Enthusiastic, knowledgable, and FAST. I couldn’t send assets to him fast enough or even request a change/edit before it was already done. Very happy with the work they do. Highly recommended.”

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