AutoFlipr application

AutoFlipr Application Design


  • Naming
  • Color schematics
  • Logo Design
  • Creative strategy
  • Web design
  • Custom WordPress design
  • Icon design
  • Content management system
  • Web application design
  • Video editing, animation and production
  • PHP development
  • Identity

AutoFlipr approached us before the name of the company. After learning what their amazing application would do – we got excited. We communicated directly with their Chief technology officer throughout the entire branding process. The application design went smoothly and became more robust and easier to use as we worked together.

After a successful launch of the iOS and Android application versions, we moved onto online branding and marketing. We also were hired to design a desktop web application version that matched the brand and ease of use.

AutoFlipr homepage design

AutoFlipr web design

AutoFlipr homepage design

Video animation

After designing the AutoFlipr app for iPhone and Android, we had the opportunity to develop a showcase video. Our crew went out to KC and captured the video after we wrote the script, hired voice talent, and setup the shoot. The shoot went well and with a video capture unit on our iPhone, we had the base for a great animation promotional video.


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