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  • Color schematics
  • Logo design
  • Creative strategy
  • Web design
  • Icon design
  • Content management system
  • Custom WordPress
  • 3d modeling



We were approached by a few professors who were diving deeper into Radar technology after they retired from the University of Kansas. Their startup Aerotenna needed a solid brand base to work off of as they pursued the drone industry. Their products have been testing ice sheet density through octigontal radar arrays, altimiters, micro products, and now they are moving into artifical intelligence. It’s exciting to see them grow and push the barriers of what radar technology can do for the human race. We designed and built their custom WordPress site to make it easy for them to update and eventually add physical products for sale.

Logo design

aerotenna logo

Zongo Wang

Chief Technology Officer

“Brian is the most talented and versatile designer I have ever met. He is very patient to and takes time to listen and digest the needs from customers. He quickly can come up with impressive designs. We are very happy to work with him as a trustworthy and reliable partner for long term.”

Technology page with custom icons

Technology page with custom icons

Micro Sharp 3d rendering

Micro Sharp 3d rendering with custom icon

Custom icon design

custom icons by TriLion Studios

Open source product logo

Open Source product logo
mobile work

Mobile Site

mobile work


Technology page with custom icons


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