With countless companies out there, businesses are always looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. Branding, by definition, is a marketing practice that creates a name or symbol that identifies with your company. Branding and logos are vital businesses success; they spur recognition, create a certain perception, drive new business, and boost awareness – and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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At TriLion, we are experts in creating a brand and logo that will make your business unique. But we are not only experts in logo and branding; we also work in UX/UI design, web design, web development, and product design. For the clients that have worked with us, we are proud to see their success and proud to have worked with them! We always love a challenge, and our clients never fail to bring us new and exciting projects.

Our clients recently left us reviews on Clutch, a B2B ratings and review firm which connects businesses. We have received a 5-star rating on Clutch and consequently been ranked among top logo designers!

We recently partnered with a healthcare startup to provide video production services. We produced a promo video for a healthcare product; we created the illustrations, motion animation, sound, and the script to tie into their branding.

The CTO of the startup said the video helped the company give an award-winning presentation! We are so proud to say we have been a part of their success.

“TriLion Studios’ ability to accurately decipher the core message of a product sets them apart from other vendors. Customers can expect a flexible, experienced, and dedicated partner.” –  CTO, Healthcare startup

Another of our recent clients, was an educational organization for which we provided website refresh services (CCSESA). We revamped a WordPress website so that the branding and design would be more complementary to their demographics and give them a professional online look.  We also helped move their content into mobile friendly templates.

The executive assistant of the startup said the new website we developed is refreshed & dynamic, a huge upgrade from the previous version!

These are just two of our previous clients, please visit our portfolio page to check out more of our business partners.

In addition to Clutch, we have been featured on The Manifest, a business news site, which has listed us among leading branding agencies!

You can also find us Visual Objects, a platform for visual and creative design firms that posts portfolio items.

We want to thank our customers again for helping us get to this point! We are looking forward to showcasing more work later this year during our 10 year birthday celebration in November.