Motion Graphics

Cinema 4D, After Effects, Videography, Editing, 2D animation.

Broadcast Design

Story boarding, logo, animation, graphics, and opening sequences.


3D, vector, character, logo, identity, and much more.

Brand Development

We integrate your design foundation to engage your viewers.


Quality storytelling with clear communication.

Visual Effects & 3D

Compositing, effects, modeling, and motion tracking.

Story Boarding and Conceptualization

The baseline design, styles and concept integrating with your content.

We are a flexible post-production house that can scale to fit your needs.

TriLion Studios is a motion graphics and design agency in Lawrence, Kansas, on the edge of Kansas City. We would love to work with you wherever you are, on your next motion or animation piece.

With one-third of all online activity spent watching videos, motion graphics can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. In addition, shoppers who watch a product video are 64 percent more likely to buy it online.

So why not start increasing your revenue today?
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