TriLion Studios is a design and development studio based in Lawrence, KS. We’re fiercely creative, proudly dependable and surprisingly nimble. We can lend muscle to your creative efforts.


TriLion (pronounced “trī - lion”) is a creative team from across the country, but we’re rooted in the Midwest. We’re loyal to values like hard work, honesty and craftsmanship. At TriLion we offer a blend of top-notch professionalism and down-to-earth humanity. We’re good at design, but we’re not snooty about it. We can design with the best of them—a portfolio fattened with work from Capitol One to Dell backs that up—but at the end of the day we still vacuum our own offices.
Brian White

Brian White | Founder / Creative Director

As creative director of TriLion Studios in Lawrence Kansas, Brian White directs the studio’s strategic and creative growth while also serving as senior designer on pivotal client projects. Brian has over 16 years of experience in design and communication arts with a focus on User-Interface design. Enthralled by branding via color, layout, pattern and typography, Brian devotes his time to applying this outlook to clients and business. With an abundance of national branding industry experience, Brian has developed a strong foundation in interactive brand strategy. He has a long track record for successful branding projects in all types of media and is an effective problem solver. Brian is able to manage multiple projects from conception to completion with the ability to relate to clients on multiple levels of business and management. Brian lives with his wife and three kids in Lawrence, Kansas.

Brian enjoys connecting and collaborating his Studio with outside agencies and design studios that share similar loves in brand and interactive design.

Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson | Lead Designer

With amazing layouts and an upbeat attitude, it’s refreshing to work with Amanda. She’s been in the field since 2004, sharpening her teeth on all manner of top-notch projects. Her work is exceptional, detailed and timely. After local office design battles, she usually comes out of the smoke victorious.

Toby Becker

Toby Becker | Designer

Fellow vector and Milton’s french toast fan, Toby always has an eye for detail. He has multiple years in the field starting part time in ’99 and going full time in ’05. He excels in Print / Book Cover Design, InDesign, and thoroughly intricate style sheets. Consistently making sure both the client and TriLion are happy with the approach, he goes above and beyond his hourly duties.

Jason W.

Jason W. | Motion Designer

Our good friend Jason has stepped in to help with our new motion graphics section! Jason is a guru with all things motion including After Effects, Cinema 4D, and online applications. We are excited for our services to expand into this market as we strive to serve our clients better.

Kim Frantz

Kim Frantz | Books / Accounting

She has been referred to as the oil that keeps the machine running more than once. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Reconciliations, Financials and Payroll are just a few things she does around here. It never hurts having a left brain to comment on work as well!

David Rahija

David Rahija | Back End Developer / Tech Lead

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what David does – but from what we can tell he has PHP Magic up his sleeve. Need a new plugin? No problem. Need a MYSQL fix? No problem. Repositioning a satellite to spy… I guess you could say he is our James Bond of code.

Kevin Hendricks

Kevin Hendricks | Creative Writer

It started in first grade with his book Mike, The Cat. Since then that’s all Kevin D. Hendricks has wanted to do. He’s been doing writing for over a decade, including marketing copy, blogs, ebooks, social media, websites and more. He’s coordinated book projects, organized scattered websites and rejuvenated social media efforts. He lives in St. Paul, Minn., with his wife and two kids.

Amber Weinberg

Amber Weinberg | Front-End Developer

As an online veteran she is completely knowledgeable of all things current (or soon to be). Amber is our main front-end development guru. Her excitement for code and WordPress are second to none. Oh, by the way she does app development as well! She will be whipping responsive web sites into submission from London this year!


We work with an international group of artists, developers and writers to finish the job. Some step up for a single project while others keep coming back for more. As TriLion grows more of these contractors will become official members of the pack.